Calatrava Sundial Bridge at Turtle Bay.  PHI was retained to prepare the Design Hydraulic Study for this bridge along with FEMA applications for a Conditional Letter of Map Revision (CLOMR) prior to bridge construction and a Letter of Map Revision (LOMR) after construction. Providing Robust Hydrologic and Hydrologic Engineering Services Since 1987

Pacific Hydrologic Incorporated (PHI) was organized during 1987 in response to a growing regional demand for quality hydrologic and hydraulic engineering services. 

Since incorporation, PHI has provided a variety of specialty services including bridge hydraulic studies, erosion, sedimentation and channel morphology studies, development impact and review of development impact studies, FEMA map revision applications, dam break flood studies, riverine temperature models, regional drainage master plan analyses, and more.

Although the majority of services provided by PHI are for projects located within California, PHI has provided services on projects ranging from Alaska to Texas.  PHI clients include public agencies, developers, design firms, environmental firms, property owners, and other entities having a need for a better understanding of riverine environments.  PHI provides most services as a specialty consultant to entities engaged in planning, development, environmental assessment, water resources management, bridge design, hydropower generation, and for claims related to flood and erosion damage.

"I found this to be an excellent report, delivered ahead of schedule.  Very nicely done and thanks.  A quality piece of work."  - Dan Easton, Vice President, Environmental, Pebble Limited Partnership.